Our products aren't just for autos!

Although our products are designed for automotive appearance care, we (and our customers) have also found them useful for a wide range of applications. The Absorber, our most universal product, can be used for virtually any task that requires drying water from a surface. Metal, chrome, aluminum, steel, fiberglass, fur, skin -- the list goes on. Here is a partial list of applications for our incredibly versatile line of cleaning and drying products.


The CleanTools product line satisfies every need a car lover could have. From our Wash Mitt to The Absorber to The Glosser, we offer top-of-the-line products to keep your vehicle showroom perfect every day of the week. And don’t forget Dash Gear for your interior. Our company was founded on auto care and we strive to deliver the best for cars, trucks, SUV’s, motorcycles and more.

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For those in the yachting and boating world, the phrase “Don’t leave the dock without it” certainly applies to The Absorber. Handy for fast and thorough wipe-downs of dew, spills, splashes and swimmers, The Absorber is used professionally and recreationally on lakes and oceans throughout the world. Also, our Dash Gear is great for cleaning instrument panels and trim, and The Glosser can help detail your exterior.

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The Absorber is your handy at-home helper for drying tubs, tile, showers and fixtures; as well as wiping up kitchen spills. Nothing is better at lifting and trapping dust without the use of chemicals than Dash Gear, it is perfect for dusting furniture, electronics and HDTV screens. Both The Absorber and Dash Gear are machine washable and can be used over and over to save money and reduce waste. And our Wash Mitt is also great for washing exterior home windows.

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Dogs and Other Furry Friends

The next time your dog gets a bath, gets caught in the rain or goes for a swim, use The Absorber for drying and turn a chore into an experience. The Absorber can also help cool your dog on a hot day. You’ll love The Absorber because it dries lightening fast, fur won’t stick to it and you can throw it right in the wash. Your dog will love it because The Absorber is quick and ultra soft. Don’t just dry or cool your pet, pamper your pet – without destroying your expensive towels!

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Football players, baseball players, soccer players, tennis players and golfers use The Absorber to dry off and cool off in the hot sun. For cooling purposes simply run your Absorber under cool water for about a minute, wring it out and then drape over your shoulders or any other part of your body that needs cooling. Divers and swimmers prefer The Absorber for its fast drying capability so they can maintain warmth and flexibility out of the water. Also, the convenient storage tube makes it easy to carry in a sports bag or golf bag.

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If you enjoy camping or backpacking, you understand the need for a high-quality drying tool that doesn’t take up a lot of space. Towels get heavy once they are wet and take up space. The Absorber’s handy storage tube is the size of a thermos and ideal for travel – especially when you are hiking, bicycling, motorcycling, or otherwise traveling light in the great outdoors. Whether you need to dry off after a swim, wipe dew off the tent, or give that bike or motorcycle a quick wipe down, you will be ready.

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