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CleanTools Super Absorbent Boat Cleaning Towel

Keep Your Boat Clean, Inside and Out

A boat is usually among a person’s most prized possession, whether it’s a tiny dinghy you use for fishing, or a lavishly decorated 40-foot yacht you cruise along the coast with. No matter what vessel you captain, our boat cleaning tools can help you keep the exterior squeaky clean, and the interior free of excess water and gunk. The portable, re-usable design makes them a great asset for boaters, jet skiers and anyone who likes to take to the water. 


yellow car wash mittsThe Best Boat Wash In Town


If you want to do a traditional boat wash with water, opt for our Wash Mitt. The mitt’s wool blend retains soapy water for longer than regular washcloths, and is less abrasive. As a result, it is a safe boat cloth for all types of finishes. Don’t worry about it falling off or getting lost; its knit acrylic cuff is designed to stay in place no matter how much water the mitt absorbs. For an ideal boat cleaning, soak up the excess water with our Absorber. 

Wash Mitt

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Easily Sop Up Stray Water

Boats get wet; it’s what they were made to do. Yet since boats are constantly vulnerable to the effects of rain, waves and glaring sunshine, it’s hard to keep them looking and feeling spotless. Depending on what type of ship you have, the kids are likely to enjoy a swim, and then climb right back aboard, trailing water behind them as they go. If you keep the Absorber cloth aboard, you can soak up splashes and remove baked-on water spots by softly moving the Absorber over any surface. The Absorber handles like a towel, but has the porous material of a sponge, so it quickly sucks up wetness that has gathered on the boat’s exterior or interior. You can use this specialized boat towel to remove moisture where waves have splashed against the hull or over the deck, or where the kids have dripped water after going out for a swim.

The Absorber:   Price: $12.99   |  Size: 27” x 17”

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3 inch buffing ballPolish Your Boat Like A Pro

Our Buffing Balls help you detail your boat. Made from Italian viscose fibers, the ball can affix to any 3/8-inch drill, and is equipped with a self-cooling design to protect it from overheating, even when it’s spinning at 2500 RPM. Buff oxidation off exterior lights, and help metal accents re-gain their sunlit sheen. It’s also great for the environment because you can wash and re-use it any time. 

Buffing Ball:   Price: $17.99   |  Size: 3-Inch

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Dash Gear blue microfiber cleaning clothKeep Dust At Bay

Your boat can’t get very far without a trustworthy navigational system. Instrument panels can accumulate dust and gunk over time, but our Absorber towel effectively cleans these trouble spots, with the help of minuscule fibers that won’t leave lint or unsightly streaks.

Dash Gear:   Price: $3.99   |  Size: 12” x 12”

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These products are an affordable way to keep your marine vessels clean. Keep some aboard because you never know when you might need them, and they’re conveniently re-usable. You might even have the same Absorber for the lifetime of your boat. 

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