Super absorbent Backpacking and Camping Towels

CleanTools Outdoor Uses

If you are an outdoors enthusiast, dealing with dirt and muddy messes sometimes comes with the territory. Cleaning up after a campfire meal or trying to towel off after a grueling biking trek also can present challenges when you’re away from home – far removed from your full arsenal of cleaning supplies. Whatever the scenario, you’ll be better off in the great outdoors if you’ve brought the right supplies from CleanTools along for the adventure.

The Absorber makes it easy to wipe surfaces, dry off, remove mud, and more. Made of a material called PVA, our super-absorbent towels for outdoor use can be tucked away into small storage tubes that you can grab on the go. CleanTools makes it easy to stay clean and dry outdoors, even while saving you space in the process. Here’s a look at just a few of the countless outdoor uses for these amazingly versatile outdoor cleaning tools:


Pack light when you bring the most efficient and effective of camping cleaning tools: Grab The Absorber or The Absorber Mini to tuck away with your gear. Specially designed to be highly absorbent and quick to dry, these towels are the ideal outdoor companions. Use them to wipe down surfaces, dry off gear after the rain and otherwise make your camping experience more pleasant.


Whether you’re traveling across Europe or through the mountains of Asia, you have to use strategy for minimizing your backpack contents. The only towel you’ll need is The Absorber — or The Absorber Mini or The Absorber XL. Pack along one of these fast-drying, quick-cleaning cloths to have a tool that can wipe any surface, including yourself. The Absorber is all about convenience, and are mildew-resistant and machine-washable for easy maintenance.


The only bike towel you’ll ever need is The Absorber. Using it is the fastest, most reliable way to remove mud, wick away moisture and buff away dirt spots. Go with The Absorber Mini for a smaller version or The Absorber XL for a larger option, but know you’re getting the best in super-absorbent towels when you choose this tool. Made of a sponge-like material that soaks up liquids quickly, this towel is perfect for accompanying you on a ride.


Keep cool and comfortable during your kayaking adventure by bringing The Absorber XL along on your next voyage. The largest of our super-absorbent towels for outdoor use, this cleaning tool packs all the power of our quick-dry towels into a larger cloth that can cover bigger surfaces faster. Dry off quickly when you return from the water, get your gear cleaned off in a jiffy, and enjoy knowing that cleaning is light work with this towel on hand.

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