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Easily Clean Up Your Pet's Messes

Having pets is great, but it’s also a big responsibility — most of it related to cleaning up after our furry friends. Dogs, cats and other types of pets are not as concerned with keeping your home as clean and neat as you are, unfortunately. When they’re not tracking in water from outside, they’re leaving hair and dander all over everything of which they come in contact. Pets create big messes, meaning any pet cleaning products you use have to be up to the challenge. Although no loving pet owner would ever suggest you treat your pets the same way you would treat a car, CleanTools’ line of cleaning products are exceptional alternatives for cleaning up after pets. Here are a few of the biggest ways our product line can do double duty as pet-friendly cleaning products to help you clean up after your four-legged family members.

Avoid Big Messes At Bathtime

Anyone who’s ever given a dog a bath knows about the aftermath, when the dog hops out of the tub and you try to dry it with an old beach towel or something similar. A terrycloth towel might be fine for you, but it’s less than perfect for an animal covered in fur. When you use The Absorber as a dog-drying towel, however, you ensure that your dog will be fully dry in mere moments. Unlike what you might be using for your dog’s bath towels, The Absorber’s porous, spongelike construction draws moisture quickly and completely, and it won’t get tangled in your dog’s fur. For really big or shaggy dogs, The Absorber XL has the capability of retaining 50% more water than the Absorber, making the bigger jobs much easier. They’re all machine-washable and free of harmful cleaning chemicals, so you can use them as pet towels knowing that they’re safe for your pets.

The Absorber XL:   Price: $14.99   |  Size: 29” x 18”

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Leave The Mud Outside After Walks

One of the unavoidable realities about owning pets is that they will bring inside whatever they find outside. They track in rain, snow, and mud, getting themselves and your floors wet and dirty. By using The Absorber or Absorber XL to quickly and effectively dry any moisture on your pet, you will help keep it and your home clean. Keep The Absorber in your car when you take your pets for a walk in the park or anywhere else to keep them from dirtying your upholstery with muddy paws, too. The Absorber’s unique construction makes it perfect for use as pet cloths.

The Absorber:   Price: $12.99   |  Size: 27” x 17”

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Enjoy Time With Your Pets By Cutting Down On Cleaning Time

Having pets is a messy but rewarding job. With creative use of cleaning products from CleanTools, you can cut the amount of time you spend cleaning up after your pets and have more time enjoying their companionship.

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