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The Only Sports Towel You'll Ever Need

Whether you’re going for a run, playing tennis, swimming or working out at the gym, a common thread runs through all athletic activity — you’re going to need a towel afterward. There’s nothing as effective at keeping you cool and dry after any kind of workout as The Absorber from CleanTools. The unique sponge-like PVA material and convenience of The Absorber make it as effective as an athletic cooling towel for sports as it is for drying your car. CleanTools’ drying products are perfect fits for various physical activities. 

The Absorber

The Absorber is the perfect workout towel for any sport. It’s lightweight design makes it easy to bring with you anywhere you go, from the soccer field to the tennis court. When you need cooling relief just run it under cool water, wring it out and feel the instant cooling relief.

Price: $12.99

Size: 27” x 17”

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The Absorber XL

The Absorber XL provides extra drying capabilities to dry your whole body off after a swim or intense work out. Its quick dry design makes it the perfect choice for swimmers, who need to consistently dry off after each dive to avoid getting a chill and muscles cramping up.

Price: $14.99

Size: 29” x 18”

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The Absorber Mini

The smallest quick dry sports towel we carry packs all the drying power you need when on the go. The Mini Absorber is a runner’s best friend, it is lightweight and provides much needed drying power and cooling effects. After your work out throw the towel in the wash and it will be good to go for your next run.

Price: $7.99

Size: 17” x 13”

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It's A Swimming Towel

There’s a reason Olympic divers use The Absorber to dry off after their dives. Thanks to the porous, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) sponge-like material it uses, The Absorber is a superior swimmer’s towel. If you are in and out of the water a lot, keeping dry in between will help you avoid getting chilly and help prevent your muscles from stiffening up. This means you’ll be more flexible and more prepared for the next time you get in the water, lowering the risk of injury. The Absorber XL provides extra-large drying capabilities to dry your whole body off faster.

It's A Cooling Running Towel

Nothing works up a sweat like a good run on a hot day, and The Absorber is the perfect sports drying towel for keeping yourself comfortable. The Mini Absorber is the perfect sports cooling towel and easy to carry with you wherever you go, helping you stay cool and dry no matter where you run. Taking care of your Absorber is easy, too – it is machine washable and can be stored damp in it’s compact container.

It's A Quick Dry Gym Towel

Whether you’re hitting the weight machines, playing a game of pickup basketball or putting in some time on the treadmill, The Absorber can help keep you comfortable. Run it under cool water, wring it out and sling it over your shoulders for instant cooling relief when the heat of your workout gets to be too much. Its handy carrying tube makes it easy to pop The Absorber into your gym bag and have it ready whenever you need it. No matter which gym activity you need it for, The Absorber provides the most effective moisture-wicking technology anywhere.

Working up a sweat is a great feeling, but feeling sweaty is not. With The Absorber family of products in your gym bag, you’ll have instantaneous relief from the aftereffects of your workout with the best sport towel. There’s no better choice for quick drying sports towels than The Absorber. Find out for yourself by shopping for yours today.

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