Best Cleaning Products For Your Home



There’s nothing like a clean house to set the stage for entertaining and enjoyment — but, in order for a house to stay looking good, somebody has to do the work of cleaning it. If you’re looking to stay on top of your everyday household cleaning, here’s where to start: gather the right supplies. When you have all your house cleaning products at your fingertips, you’re one step closer to an easy cleaning routine.

What are the best cleaning products to keep at home so that daily cleaning’s a breeze? To help you know what to buy and stock, here’s a look at the top cleaning products worth keeping:

  1. A versatile soap. When it comes to cleaning, you can’t get much more basic than soap. Keep an all-purpose soap such as castile soap on hand, and you have a ready tool for scrubbing stains, cleaning dishes and even making homemade laundry cleaner.
  2. White vinegar. White vinegar is one of those everyday household cleaning products that offers tons of possibilities. Mix equal parts water and vinegar for a window cleaner. Combine a ½ cup vinegar with a ½ gallon of warm water for a floor cleaner. Remove bathroom grime with vinegar before scrubbing and cleaning.
  3. Baking soda. Another must-have for everyday cleaning is baking soda — a natural abrasive and de-odorizer. Use it to freshen your fridge, scrub away stains or even rejuvenate musty upholstery.
  4. Spray bottles. Enjoy the ease of quickly spritzing a window, floor or other surface with cleaner, water or vinegar when you invest in a few plastic spray bottles.
  5. The Dash Gear. Far more than a car cloth, the Dash Gear from CleanTools is a versatile product that cleans screens, glass, furniture and more. Keep one on hand for a multipurpose cleaning tool that you can use to wipe electronics, clean mirrors and dust furniture. When you’re done, all you have to do is drop the Dash Gear in the washing machine to refresh it!
  6. A toothbrush. For pesky tub or sink stains, you need a small cleaning tool that can help you quickly and efficiently scrub them. A toothbrush is a convenient, budget-friendly option that does the job. Plus, it offers a way to get in tiny spaces that are hard to reach.
  7. A good vacuum. From crumbs under the dining room table to messes by the back door, there are all kinds of situations where a vacuum comes in handy. To get the most bang for your buck, opt for a versatile vacuum that works on furniture and walls as well as floors.
  8. A toilet brush. Keep your toilet spic and span with a toilet brush set nearby and used to tackle pesky stains.

When it comes to setting up a surefire cleaning arsenal at home, the eight house cleaning products listed above are a great place to start. You can add to your stash as you find the tools that you like most, too. Learn more about the Dash Gear on our site — place your order today or get in touch with us anytime!

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