The Essential Winter Cleaning Checklist


When winter weather has you cooped up indoors, it’s more important than ever to keep your home feeling fresh and clean — for the sake of guests who end up coming inside and for your mental health. How can you keep living spaces looking spic and span?

Enlist the help of a microfiber towel, cleaning products and vacuum cleaner, and make the following tasks a habit in order to keep your home sparkling this season:

  • 1.   Establish Daily Cleaning Habits: A big part of keeping chaos at bay is making it a habit to tackle it with daily tasks. Make your bed every morning, for example, as soon as you awake. Clean up kitchen spills with an absorbent drying towel like The Absorber®, and put away dishes after using them — so you won’t have a huge pile of work waiting. Likewise, instead of piling mail on the counter when you come inside, immediately sort and discard. Practicing these little habits will help simplify your cleaning work.
  • 2.   Purchase the Right Home Cleaning Products: Every job is easier with the right tools — and that’s as true of household cleaning as it is anywhere else. Keep your dusting cloth near the furniture you use it on, and have a multipurpose cleaning towel within easy reach in the kitchen or bathroom. By having the right tools nearby, it’s much easier to keep your home’s interior looking good.
  • 3.   Break Up Routine Cleaning Tasks into Days of the Week: Another key way to stay on top of a clean house is by designating each day of the week toward a different big task or set of tasks. Make Monday bathroom day and Tuesday vacuuming day, for example. This also helps you avoid forgetting to dust the furniture with your Dash Gear for weeks at a time; when you always use your dusting cloth every Thursday morning, for example, it’s never more than a week between wipe-downs.
  • 4.   Have at Least One Deep-Clean Day Each Month: Whether it’s the first Saturday of the month or every other Wednesday, set aside a specific time or times each month to do the deep-cleaning tasks that would be easy to avoid. Wash kitchen floors, spot-clean walls, clean the fridge, etc. This important big-project day is important because it gives you a fresh start on a regular basis.
  • 5.   Prepare for Spring: Even before the spring-cleaning urge strikes, start thinking about the season ahead at the end of winter. When the weather begins to warm, open the windows one afternoon to circulate the home with fresh air. Go through your wardrobe and find items to donate, store winter gear and replace with spring items, etc.

The cold season is a wonderful time to stay cozy indoors, particularly when your indoor spaces feel fresh and clean. Use this winter cleaning checklist to keep your home in great condition throughout winter and into spring.

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