Home Cleaning With The Absorber


When you’re cleaning your house, you want the job to go smoothly and quickly. Having the right tools is crucial for this, even down to something as simple as the cleaning cloth you use. When you have the right one working for you, you’ll spend less time doing chores and more time doing what you want. This is why so many people choose The Absorber from CleanTools for their household tasks. Its unique construction and material make it superior to a microfiber cleaning cloth in numerous ways.

What Is The Absorber?

Made from a special material called Poly Vinyl Alcohol (PVA), The Absorber is the first name in clean. It features a uniform, sponge-like pore structure. This offers much better capillary action when compared to a microfiber cloth or a leather chamois. Thanks to this, it is more absorbent than anything else on the market. This means practically nothing is left behind when wiping it across your surfaces.

In addition to being extremely effective at drying, it is softer than any standard towel. This means it’s safe for virtually everything in your home without leaving scratches. Despite being incredibly soft, however, it’s also very durable. You can throw it into your washing machine and re-use it for much longer than terrycloth or other products would last. Unlike those kinds of cloths, The Absorber also resists mold and mildew. That means you just need to wring it out, put it away moist in its storage tube, and it will still be ready to help you clean when you need it.

How Does The Absorber Help You Around the House?

The fact that The Absorber dries spills faster than anything and can be used over and over again makes it an invaluable asset for tidying your house. Yet there are many other benefits it provides when compared to other options, making it one of the best cleaning cloths you can find.

Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Leaves nothing behind. Whenever you swipe it across your countertop or floor, you’ll get the cleanest surface possible. That’s because it doesn’t create lint the same way another cloth would. Its extremely absorbent nature also means it’s much more effective at removing harmful bacteria.
  • Safer to use. The one-of-a-kind material contains no harmful chemicals. This means it’s safe to use anywhere. Because it soaks up messes almost instantly, it also can cut down on the amount of harsh cleanser you need to use.
  • Versatile. Since it is so soft, safe and spongy, it is the perfect all-in-one cleaning tool for virtually everywhere in your house. You can wipe smudges off your mirror, absorb spills on your kitchen floor, or disinfect countertops with nothing more than a quick rinse and wring-out after each use. It’s also available in multiple colors, so you can designate one for each task and never get them confused.

The Absorber makes short work of just about any cleanup task you have at home. Browse our online store and place your order today!


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