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Our Absorber cloth has been proven to dry vehicles, boats, dogs and people three times as quickly as a chamois, and without the scratches caused by a terrycloth towel. You can use it for years without replacing it, so it will quickly become your trusty carwash sidekick, but don’t take it from us. Take it from customers who have used the product for more than 20 years, or have just fallen in love with the Absorber, and proudly share photos of their freshly washed rides. We’d love to see a pic of the awesome job it has done for you. Snap photos of yourself in action with the Absorber or pose next to your gleaming vehicle. If you have enjoyed one of our other products, we’d like to see how it worked for you. Why not share the love? We think you and your car look great together. Send us an email with your photo and we may post it right here on the site.