Customer Images

At CleanTools, our cleansers, cloths and buffers aren’t your average car care products. That’s because our customers aren’t your average customers. If you’ve used a CleanTools Absorber or Glosser, you get it. You can understand why some car owners have waited two decades to replace their beloved Absorber, and why others have their garages stocked with our full line of products. The results are often so impressive, that it’s hard to keep to yourself. The good news is that you don’t have to keep it a secret. Even if you just started using one of our tools, we’re certain you’ll be just as pleased as our friend Terry, who recently parted ways with his first Absorber after 20 happy years together. We want you to feel like family. Welcome to the CleanTools family. We think you’ll like it here.


Check out some images from our brag book below. 


"I've been a long time Absorber fan . Drove 4 hours to a show in my Chevelle realized I left my Absorber at home. First stop when we got to town was to pick a fresh one up. Now I have one for the car and for the garage ! Great product guys ! Keep up the good work. The absorber is the only thing I trust to dry my rides" Thanks Rob of SC