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There are few feelings as rewarding as the pride of ownership. Whether you’re cruising downtown in your car, enjoying a beautiful summer day aboard your boat or simply making your home shine, knowing your prized possession looks as good as possible makes you feel pretty amazing, too. You may not spend much time thinking about the products you use to clean your car (or boat or home), but they can make the difference between so-so and spectacular. That’s what we do at CleanTools — we offer the highest-quality car cleaning products that make your ride look showroom-new, no matter how many miles it may have on the odometer.

Our line of multipurpose cleaning products includes various sizes of the Absorber, the most effective drying tool available, as well as wash mitts, buffing tools and detailing towels for a variety of automotive and general-purpose needs. We offer:

  • The AbsorberSimply put, there’s no towel that compares with The Absorber. Made from poly vinyl alcohol (PVA), it dries much more quickly and thoroughly than a terry cloth towel or leather chamois.
  • The Absorber XLHave a bigger job to tackle? Take it up a notch with The Absorber XL. Its larger size gives you more drying power.
  • The Absorber XXLThe Absorber XXL is your choice for extra-large jobs such as drying your RV or boat.
  • The Mini AbsorberPerfect for smaller jobs, The Mini Absorber gives you all the drying power of The Absorber, but in a more compact size. Ideal for wheels, motorcycles, and more.
  • Dash GearCleaning the elements of your dashboard is simple with the microfiber Dash Gear. It lets you polish and dust the entire interior of your car or boat with just one cloth.
  • The GlosserThis unique product comes loaded with the right mix of cleaners and wax to give the exterior of your car or boat a sparkling shine.
  • Wash MittThe blend of fabrics in our Wash Mitt lets you wipe away grime without fear of scratching your paint. Its deep pile holds more soap and water than microfiber mitts, meaning less dips in the bucket for you.
  • Buffing BallThe viscose fibers of the Buffing Ball let you polish your car to a new standard of shine.
  • DipRagz™Does your car have a matte finish? You need a cleaning tool made specifically for it. DipRagz™ is the best matte auto cleaning tool you can buy.

Affordable & Effective Multipurpose Cleaning Products

While our car cleaning products are formulated to professionally clean and detail your car, they’re also a great fit for:

  • BoatingCaring for your boat does more than make it look good. It also can extend the life of your investment, giving you more time on the water.
  • Household choresOur products are perfect for sopping up messy spills, wiping down wet surfaces — even washing your dog.
  • SportsWhether your passion is tennis, golf, soccer or any other sport, our products absorb sweat and can help keep you cool.
  • Hiking and campingWhen space and weight are at a premium, our products are great choices for camping trips or hiking excursions.

Choose CleanTools car cleaning products for your car, boat and home today. You’ll love how sparkling and new they’ll make your prized possessions look.

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