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The Absorber XXL

Need an extraordinary drying tool for an extraordinary task? Think big — get yourself The Absorber XXL.

A big job demands a big towel. The Absorber XXL gives you drying power that’s superior to a terrycloth towel or leather chamois, and not just because of its size. The uniform, sponge-like pore structure and unique Poly Vinyl Alcohol material give The Absorber XXL enhanced capillary action, drawing water away from surfaces more effectively than any other large drying towel you can find. The drying capabilities and larger size make The Absorber XXL the best extra-large towel for drying your car, boat or other vehicle. The Absorber XXL also can handle many other large-scale drying jobs around your home and garage. It is the one extra-large quick-dry towel that you simply have to have on hand. With the right care, The Absorber XXL can last for years, and it can be stored moist and ready to use in its convenient storage tube. In addition to being extra large —the Absorber XXL measures 32 inches by 20 inches — it offers these qualities:
  • Super-absorbent. Spend less time drying and more time doing the things you really want to do.
  • Soft. The unique Poly Vinyl Alcohol material is easy on your hands.
  • Scratch-proof. Safe to use on all types of finishes, The Absorber XXL will help you protect your investment.
  • Mold- and mildew-resistant. With the proper care, The Absorber XXL lasts for years.
  • Machine-washable. Reusing The Absorber XXL is environmentally friendly.
  • Easily stored. The handy storage tube makes it easy to store The Absorber XXL so it’ll be ready when you need it.
  • Before you use The Absorber XXL for the first time, rinse it with warm water or in the washing machine with other towels of similar colors. Liquid detergent and warm water are recommended — do not use fabric softener or bleach. Do not dry in the dryer.
  • After use, rinse The Absorber XXL well, wring it out, and place it back in the storage tube damp. The Absorber XXL’s anti-mold and mildew technology will prevent rotting and extend the life of the product.
  • If you allow The Absorber XXL to air dry, it will become stiff — but don’t worry! Simply rehydrate it in warm water and The Absorber XXL will spring back to life and be ready to use.
  • Routine washing is highly recommended. If you repeatedly place a soiled Absorber XXL in its tube, it will still function, but it may acquire an odor or grow mildew.
  • Your preferred technique may vary, but for larger surfaces (such as the hood of a car or the hull of a boat), try laying The Absorber XXL flat and dragging it across.

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