Buffing Ball 3 inch

Let the specialized fibers in the Buffing Ball work their magic
as they polish your vehicle to a showroom shine.

Made of soft Italian viscose fibers and attachable to any 3/8” drill, our Buffing Ball gives you professional polishing results at home.


Designed for polishing chrome, aluminum and painted surfaces, CleanTools Buffing Balls are a must-have for anyone who owns an automobile, motorcycle or boat. The hex shaped metal shaft will attach to any electric or air drill and hold securely in place. The Italian viscose fibers, safe at speeds of up to 2500 RPM, will buff away all dirt and grime to expose the original shine of your wheels, pipes or hardware. They are also great for removing oxidation and light scratches from headlights, taillights and plastic windshields.

  • Fits any 3/8” drill
  • Self cooling design
  • Won’t tear like foam buffers
  • Won’t overheat or cake up
  • Washable/Reusable

Use for: Chrome and Aluminum Rims, Motorcycles, Pipes, Hardware, Headlights

  • Only use water-based polishing compounds for reuse. Buff Balls are not washable if you use petroleum-based compound.
  • Simply wash and rinse away dirt and grime with soap and water .
  • Do not exceed 2500 RPM’s or damage to metal or paint may occur.
  • Do not use excessive pressure when polishing.
  • Machine washable, do not dry in dryer.

Fun Fact