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A Unique Product For Your Unique Car.
DipRagz is the best matte car cleaning tool on the market.


A dipped or other type of matte finish can give your car a unique look that will definitely make it stand out on the road. Yet having a car that looks so different from others means you can’t treat it the same way you would an ordinary car. Every car enthusiast knows that to be true. Giving your car its regular wash is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that it continues to look and perform its best all the time. However, a car with a dipped or matte finish presents some special challenges when it comes to giving it a wash.

For example, an ordinary car wash cloth is made of woven fibers that can get snagged on all of the microscopic imperfections that make up a matte finish. Unlike the traditional smooth, glossy paint job most cars sport, a matte or dipped finish can snag the fibers of an ordinary cloth used for washing — causing lint to be left behind. When that happens, your car may end up looking less than its best.

Your Complete Solution for Your Unique Finish

DipRagz™ from CleanTools are the best way to keep the dipped or matte finish of your car looking good without leaving anything behind. That’s because unlike traditional cloths, DipRagz™ are constructed out of a special sponge-like material that doesn’t leave fibers or lint as they clean. You can use DipRagz™ exactly the same way you would use a car-cleaning sponge or wash mitt. They will glide effortlessly over the surface of your car. Their unique construction means they soak up water far better than any other type of cloth. They also hold more soap and water than traditional towels or cloths. Meaning, you’ll be able to wash more of your car faster without constantly going back to the bucket.

DipRagz™ are the perfect car-cleaning tool for your dipped or matte-finish car for so many reasons, including:

  • Durable construction
  • Excellent absorbency
  • Won’t leave lint behind
  • Superior cleaning power
  • Flexibility to get into hard-to-reach places such as wheels
  • Wrings out easily, mold- and mildew-resistant
  • Convenient storage tube for easy access
  • Machine washable for easy maintenance
  • Ideal for dipped or matte-finish cars

The Ultimate Tool for Cleaning Dipped or Matte Finishes

Keeping your car’s finish clean is essential for helping to ensure your car is performing at its best — no matter what type of finish it has. If you’ve chosen to give your car a dipped or matte finish, you already know what a difference it makes compared to every other car on the road. Protect your investment with DipRagz™, the only car-cleaning tool on the market that delivers superior cleaning power to remove dirt and grime from your dipped or matte finish without leaving anything behind. Keeping one for the body of your car and another one specifically for cleaning your wheels means you’ll protect the body of your car from brake dust and other abrasive elements that can come off your wheels.

Take a look at everything DipRagz™ can offer the unique surface of your car. Buy some from CleanTools today so your car’s unique finish gets the treatment it needs.


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