The Glosser

Our 3-layer microfiber wipe is saturated with cleaners and wax
to deliver a showroom shine every time.
No water necessary.


Imagine giving your vehicle a showroom shine with the wipe of a hand. The Glosser, a non-woven, triceraphilic (3-layer) microfiber cloth, will give you that power. Comprised of two outer layers of cleaners and an inner layer of wax, The Glosser lifts light surface contaminants and waxes with one stroke. Gentle pressure on this waxing cloth releases the cleaners and wax to remove dust, bugs and road grime. The Glosser is safe for all finishes and is great for door, hood and trunk jams as well. Every proud vehicle owner should have a 5-pack of The Glosser in his or her trunk. Extend the life of your wax job and avoid re-washing for minor dirt spots with The Glosser.

The best way to give your car that last minute quick detail with the best cloth for waxing cars on the market!

  • No water or toweling required – Spend less time cleaning and more time driving
  • Clean while you wax – Two jobs for the price of one
  • No water necessary – No mess and conserves water
  • Resealable packaging – The Glosser is always handy and ready to use
  • Keep your vehicle shining 24/7 – Nothing beats a “showroom shine” for turning heads

The Glosser is designed for vehicle exteriors, but it also works great on interior finishes, dashboards and leather seats.

  • When using The Glosser®, apply very light pressure and let the product glide
  • For best results, use The Glosser® in long straight lines
  • Turn wipe frequently
  • A final wipe may be necessary if wax residue remains
  • If your car or truck is excessively dirty make sure you wash it first using a CleanTools® Wash Mitt and good wash/detergent made for automobiles finishes.
  • Do not use on glass.
  • Test a small area first before using The Glosser on household furniture, shoes, major appliances, tile, and engine compartment
  • Partially dry Glossers can be used on motorcycles, trophies and model cars

Fun Fact

One cloth is big enough to wipe and shine a mid-sized car – and versatile enough for a quick cleaning and polishing of your shoes!