Tips For Camping In The Rain


Camping in the great outdoors means there’s nothing between you and the clear blue sky — or a sky full of rain clouds. Ideally, every camping trip would feature sunny skies and perfect weather, but part of the experience is being ready for the unexpected. Being prepared is the camper’s credo, and that includes knowing how to stay dry when camping in the rain. Here are some tips for camping in the rain you can use to make sure your camping trip is great, even if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

  • Pack for all types of weather. Just because it’s sunny and warm when you leave for your trip doesn’t mean it will stay that way the whole time, and you’ll be too far away from your closet to grab something you need. Be sure to pack jackets, pants and boots that will keep you dry in the event of rain. A rain poncho is a good accessory to keep rolled up in your pack because it can keep you completely covered when you can’t stay in your tent for any reason.
  • Choose a high and dry campsite. Be selective when looking for a place to pitch your tent. Areas with soft ground can turn into mudholes when rain falls, and low-lying areas can flood easily. Also avoid setting up your campsite on a slope because a heavy rain could wash all your equipment away in a flash.
  • Always know where your towel is. A good towel can be useful for far more than just drying you after a dip in the lake. Keeping several towels with your gear can help you absorb rainwater that might seep into your tent or dry your other gear faster. The Absorber from CleanTools offers superior drying power compared to regular terrycloth towels, thanks to its unique Poly Vinyl Alcohol microfibers. Available in various sizes, The Absorber is extremely resistant to mold and mildew growth — making this the perfect tool to use when you won’t be near a washing machine for a while.
  • Hang a tarp. A tarp can serve as a makeshift roof to keep certain areas of your campsite dry. Hanging one over your tent provides additional protection from the rain. You can have a place to change out of wet clothes or store wet gear where it won’t get the inside of your tent wet.
  • Bring plastic bags. Having a supply of plastic bags on hand can be useful for separating wet items from other items you want to keep dry. Lining the inside of a backpack or duffel bag with plastic bags also helps keep everything inside them from getting drenched by rain that can soak through from the outside. Zip-top plastic bags are a great way to keep clean clothing or food from getting wet, as well.


Staying dry while camping is easy, as long as you’re prepared. Before you set off for your next adventure in the great outdoors, make sure you’re sufficiently ready for the trek ahead. Make sure The Absorber is part of your essential camping gear and you’ll always be prepared. 

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